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smartphone telehealthshowing some functions
acp showing some functions
smartphone lady showing some acp

                                                                                    ACP-Affordable Conectivity Program

free internet and talk, text, data and hotspot for internet 10GB per Month of super fast hotspot. Plus a tablet PC. Program is run by the FCC. 

  Connect the Unconnected. Be an Advocatge.

Self sign up, takes about 5 minutes no ID required to upload.

 If your on Medicaid, Snap or other Gov. programs they all qualify for this free 

internet program.  Our Top Pick for the ACP provider. (Eco)

Eco Mobile give a nice PC Tablet and use 5g network TMobile, Verizon, AT&T network

 which ever is best in that area/zip code.

StRIVE is providing a Smartwatch/bracelet to monitor vital signs like BP, pulse, oxygen levels and fitness goals. Smartwatch can also sync to other devices and now can find your smart phone and/or tablet.


The tablet pc will be delivered in two to three days.



Email us once you/they have filled out the info from the link. We want to make sure you get the Smartwatch/bracelet. Let  friends and family. t's a good program and can make a difference in their success.


 Use Tablet Sim card  in a smartphone a phone number is provided.

a letter fro us gov.
older couple smartphone functions
smart tablet free gift from the ACP  showing some functions
smart bracelet showing some functions

Tablet PC provided by Eco Mobile sign up here!

Free Smart bracelet promo when you sign up for the ACP through Eco Mobile

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