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Features that promote safety and monitoring, particularly for the elderly and children. With built-in GPS and geofencing technology, caregivers or parents can keep track of their loved ones' Shoot amazing pictures and videos with Drones that take HD quality photography including night vision. Just a couple examples of Strive smat products.

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Mobile Service

Every new smartphone purchase from Strive Mobile comes with 60 days of FREE service on the country's largest and strongest coast-to-coast network. Plus, you'll enjoy FREE UNLIMITED International Calling to over 60 countries. No apps, calling cards, or extra purchases are necessary to connect with your loved ones. So say goodbye to borders and start calling! Your free 60-day service will start when you install your new SIM card. The SIM card will come with a pre-assigned phone number based on your address. 

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What can your Drone do for you?

Smart Drones  from Altitude to ground floor. With Camera, LED lights, G-sensor, One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, Voice control,  Remote Control, Foldable, Optical flow visual hover, Fixed point surround, 360° Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance, Eis electronic anti-shaking, Brushless power, Smart Follow Gesture photography, Low power/over distance/runaway return and some have inferred vision looking over you even in the dark

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Strive Smartwatch offers accelerated analytics and innovation with health monitoring, device tracking, communication, and global timekeeping. It enables users to monitor health, find devices, track loved ones, make calls, take pictures, and display time in different regions, all from their wrist.

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