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Data Analytics of Real Time health


Setting up your connection through your Strive smart device. Apps that connect you to your loved ones or healthcare provider. Simple & User-friendly: Google Fit: This pre-installed app on Android phones works with various wearables and smartwatches, tracking basic health metrics like steps, sleep, and activity. It offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to view your data and set goals. These are just a few examples, and many other great apps in the Google Play Store can connect your smartwatch to health data. To find the perfect app's potential of your smartwatch for health monitoring communication with your healthcare provider or caregiver is key. Connect Your Smartwatch to Google Fit: 1)Install the Google Fit app on your phone and smartwatch. Open the app on both devices and follow the prompts to pair them. Ensure your smartwatch is set to sync health data with Google Fit. 2. Authorize Data Sharing with Healthcare Providers: In the Google Fit app, go to Settings and find "Manage connected apps." Look for apps that allow sharing with healthcare providers (e.g., MyChart, Samsung Health, Fitbit). Select the app and authorize it to access your Google Fit data. 3. Export Data Manually (if needed): If your provider's app doesn't directly connect with Google Fit: In the Google Fit app, go to your profile and select "Manage your data & privacy." Choose "Download your data" and select the data type you want to share. Alternative Apps: If direct sharing isn't available, consider apps like MyChart or Samsung Health, which might have built-in integrations with healthcare providers.

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