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Chronic Care Management & Telehealth

Cloud of information, data. General trends and topics:
The impact of technology on society: How is technology changing the way we work, communicate, and interact with each other?
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Integration of Patient Doctor and Smart devices. AI in Telemedicine: The future. Diagnosis & Triage: AI algorithms analyze medical data (scans, symptoms, etc.) to diagnose illnesses, recommend tests, and prioritize patient cases. Virtual Assistants & Chatbots: AI-powered assistants answer patient questions, schedule appointments, and guide them through pre-consultation tasks. Personalization & Monitoring: AI creates personalized treatment plans, analyzes wearable data to monitor health in real-time, and flags potential issues proactively. Implement a Chronic Care Management (CCM) team with your Avatar and A.I working hand in hand with your CCM Team and our smart wearables for real time health info vital signs implement for telehealth purposes and CCM with simple prompts from your avatar to patient. " Hi Mr Jones, this is DR Thompson, hope your doing well! Do you have time to speak with Wendy from my office? I think its important for you and I to document any health issues or anything that is working for you. Than on your next appointment we can go over everything together. This way you or I wont feel like we forgot to mention anything. Sometimes it's the smallest of details you may not think its anything but it be a clue! Thats why it's important to stay proactive. If you can let Wendy know how you are feeling and she can document everything for us. (our next appointment} Please let her know your thoughts and any concerns. She will call you right away, so if you have a little time, great and if not that's ok. We can call you back at another time when it's more convenient. You have a great day and I will see you soon." *Also great for telehealth reminders. Apps/Avitar and or smart devices provided by Strive S W.

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